Roma vs Bologna

Roma vs Bologna : I have long since lost track of how many match previews I’ve written during my time here, but I can safely say this will be the strangest one I’ve ever written. You see, were it not for a gaping hole in my roof, I would be writing this preview from a hotel in Rome (or, let’s be honest,

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an Airbnb because I’m not made of money) before heading over the Olimpico to see Roma square off against my beloved Mattia Destro and the rest of Greyhounds. But hey, that’s life, shit happens and you move on. Incidentally, if anyone knows a good roofer, hit me up.

Much like yesterday’s match on the women’s side, this has all the makings of a walkover for Roma. Bologna are mired in 18th place with 18 points (that’s odd, I wonder how often that happens) and are in the thick of a relegation battle with Frosinone, Empoli and Udinese, but recent history has actually been more kind to Bologna.

It’s almost an annual rite of passage for Roma, and no matter who is barking orders from the sidelines, the Giallorossi seemingly always throw matches like these overboard. At least in this instance, Federico Mattiello’s match winner was an unstoppable bit of individual skill, but those three points have still come back to haunt Roma in the worst way.

Bologna have nice kits, a decent home ground and Mattia Destro, the Sunflower to my Post Malone, but that’s about it. The Grayhounds have struggled mightily this season, running out a -17 goal differential, the league’s fourth worst mark, through 23 matches, and have only mustered 18 goals scored, one less than Cristiano Ronaldo has managed on his own.

Of course, they do have one decent weapon (no, not Destro sadly), Federico Santander, who has accounted for 1/3rd of Bologna’s offensive output this season, and victimized Roma back in September. Keeping him in check will be essential to avoiding a repeat of the last fixture.

That’s about it really, Bologna is pretty bad. Of course, since this is Roma we’re talking about, Lukasz Skorupski will probably morph into a 28-year-old Gianluigi Buffon and make at least three diving, finger-tip saves.

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